In the heart of the old Nuits, Cavon of Bacchus joined together the best Domains and introduces you its selection of the high-class wines of Burgundy.

Our passionate experience of the vineyard and the daily relations that we maintain with the suppliers of the coast, gives us access to the rarest wines, with the most beautiful successes of the moment.

Our selection is one of most complete and prestigious of Burgundy, our marvellous climates or soils express themselves through the competence and the experience of these wine growers "artists".

Our prices are in lowest range of the market, all wines are selected directly from the property, and we refuse any speculation.

However, the demand for some of these wines being greater than the offer, we prefer to limit the quantity available of bottle per order, in order to satisfy the greatest number of our customers.
Also, our price being modified daily, we cannot always guarantee the availability of all the wines.

We thank you for your comprehension.

    The 2012 harvest was very small quantities and many estates and wines are exhausted.
As usual, rare wines are offered in priority to our regular customers on the latest vintages.
For availability and receive a price list, please contact us at contact@cavon.com


The "Cavon de Bacchus" team

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